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Mobile Bar

Mobile bar services should offer more than superb drinks. They should be breathlessly exciting, perfectly organized, flawlessly arranged and stylistically beautiful. They should be carried out by people who love their work. Who focus on the big picture and the little details.


That?s our mission: to deliver thrilling tailored beverage services.Wherever you want it. Whatever it?s for.

The trick to the perfect event lies in the recipe. And, because our bars and services are customisable, you?re able to hand-pick the ingredients and leave the rest up to us.


Whether it?s a corporate function, product launch, private party or year-end celebration, our high-quality service and event planning excellence mean that your raw ingredients transform into the perfect activation.

Angell's Mobile Bar can take your event and make it part of the liquid movement.


Bar services. How different can they be, right? We?re so glad you asked that question. Because there are bar services ? and then there are bar services from Angell's.

We?re known for thrilling clients with stylish, streamlined and smoothly running mobile bar services that can include:

  • A local bar - Offering a combination of local beer, wines, spirits and softs.

  •  A full bar -  A combined with a selection of cocktails. We recommend that you choose three to four different types.

  •  A cocktail bar - Providing cocktails only, this bar is stocked with the freshest fruits, spices and ingredients to mix into a variety of drinks.

  • wine-posicles

You want it? You?ve got it. Angell's Catering and Events Mobile Bar- At Your Doorstep!