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Menus Suggested Options

Please review the various options we provide to our clients and guests.  Once you have looked these over please click on the Request Information Form link. You will be contacted to discuss your event. Please remember that these are suggestions and our services can be customized and usually are. Each event and function is a unique experience with different expectations and desired presentations. We are here to make your event special for your needs and desires. 


Plated Dinner Service: Angell's-Renato's regular dinner menu is available for your off site catering event or hosting your event at Angell's Restaurant. Limited Menu Options are available based upon budgets and culinary preferences. A typical Limited Menu would include a choice of salads or appetizers or both. Perhaps an Appetizer option to allow guests to mingle and socialize. Entree choices are usually limited to three proteins such as pasta, seafood and meat. Followed by a dessert selection. Of course we can offer full menu choices right from the menu. Again, at Angell's Catering we can customize. 


Dinner Buffets: Dinner buffet's are a wonderful way to serve a wide variety of menu items that will please a very diverse group of people. Again, we can deliver a very casual experience to a fine dining buffet experience. This is "Angell's" and not your typical "Buffet" 

Bar Buffet's: A Bar Buffet is an assortment of appetizer's to go along with an event where a lot of standing and socializing is the order of business. Make it fun! The appertizers can be server presented or set up thoughout the event space. This is why we meet with our clients and help make the right decisions.


Hors d'oeuvres: Appetizers can be table presented or server floated. If you would like to have servers present the appetizers as they walk through your event we can provide that service. It is also a great way to save money as people are much more conservative when appetizers are presented them. Food for thought.


Customized Menu: Any of the above choices can be combined to make for the perfect culinary offering to your guests. A favorite option has been a selection of Hors d'oeuvers combined with a special limited dinner menu that you have chosen for you guests. Please remember our Catering Consultants are here to make this a memorable and enjoyable not only for you guests but for the planner as well.


Captains Menu:  This is a totally customized menu with very highend culinary choices. Examples in this category are Kobe Beef, Fresh flown in Ahi from Hawaii, Chateau Brianne, Maine Lobster and just about anything you desire. This option is for the very discerning client that wants the best culinary experince for their guests and the budget does not matter .

Desserts: We have a wide variety of desserts to match with your entrees or buffet choices. Most of our desserts are made to order. Angell's has been offering these desserts for over 20 years! Our 4 Tier Chocolate Fountain is also available,



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